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Race Recap: The Crim 2016 / Banking the Miles Update

Since I have officially announced it on my other social media outlets, I might as well make it official on my blog, too… your Keeping It Real Dietitian has been training for her first marathon. Yep, you read that right. I’m training for a full 26.2! And not just training, I’m signed up for the Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank International Marathon. So official countdown is 5 weeks, 6 days, 4 hours and 58 minutes. Not that I’m counting down or anything…

That being said, I have become a “crazy” runner. You know, the type of runner that says “Oh good! This weekend is the Crim! It’s only 10 miles!” Crim weekend came after a previously crappy long run that broke my spirit a bit. I honestly was about to throw in the towel on marathon training after that run. I spent the week contemplating if I should run the Grand Rapids Marathon or the Detroit Marathon, or if I should just forget the whole thing. I then had an amazing run during the week that boosted my confidence and also helped convince me to run Detroit with my running friend that runs a similar pace to me and also does intervals.

I had planned on running the Crim with her, too, but she was nursing an injury and didn’t want to push herself. I hung with a group of runners from my local running group during the race and ended up changing my strategy from trying to get a PR to getting everything out of the Crim that I could! We saw the woman who always dresses like a cat, Jerry Johncock (the masters runner who finished my first half marathon with me and wears the “Run With Jesus” shirt), stopped for mimosas from Champagne Bob, took selfies with Gumby and a Minion, and even jumped on a trampoline! The race didn’t feel as challenging because for one we were taking our good old time, and for two we were having so much fun! I ended up finishing in 2 hours 31 minutes, 23 minutes slower than last year – oops!

So this year I got to experience the fun, enjoyable side of the Crim. Next year I plan to kick my own butt and get a PR. While I’m here… I thought I would update my “Banking the Miles” challenge! Training for a marathon definitely helps pack on the miles, whew! I went from averaging around 50 miles per month to almost 100 miles in August! And I have already beaten my overall mileage from last year… I will have absolutely no problem reaching my goal of 500 miles this year.

  • January 2015: 17.48 miles / January 2016: 55.13 miles
  • February 2015: 18.09 miles / February 2016: 45.57 miles
  • March 2015: 19.08 miles / March 2016: 41.39 miles
  • April 2015: 10.51 miles / April 2016: 61.39 miles
  • May 2015: 33.52 miles / May 2016: 57.14 miles
  • June 2015: 51.10 miles / June 2016: 51.5 miles
  • July 2015: 43.91 miles / July 2016: 52.08 miles
  • August 2015: 60.8 miles / August 2016: 96.27 miles
  • September 2015: 44.29 miles
  • October 2015: 19.15 miles
  • November 2015: 36.98 miles
  • December 2015: 41.59 miles
  • TOTAL 2015: 416 miles / TOTAL 2016: 479 miles so far…

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