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Ramblings of a Long Run

Today I went out for my last long run before my first marathon – 8 miles on a beautiful day all by myself. About halfway through my run, I had this thought: “I should blog about all of the things that go through my mind during a solo long run!” After all, 8 miles is a very long time when you’re on your own, and there are so many things to think about. I usually post a little run recap in my running group on Facebook, so today this blog will be it!

Note: I will try my best to include the interesting thoughts, as many of my thoughts while running are mundane and/or repetitive. And also, this is what I remember from several hours ago, so it won’t be totally exact.

MILE ONE: “I sure hope that I don’t get too warm with what I decided to wear.” … I was wearing capris and a long sleeve tech shirt … “Aww, the colors are starting to change!” … “I wonder what the colors look up by where Jacklyn lives.” … “I should really go visit her.” … “I wonder if she misses me.” … “Man, 8 miles… I hope I don’t have any pains. Gotta do way more than this in a week!” … Garmin says 12:30/mi pace for mile 1 

MILE TWO: “Oh, that’s a really good pace. I’d be okay if I slowed down a little bit. In fact, let me slow down a little bit.” … Dog barks at me from backyard and I see him at the fence, a nice old golden retriever … “Hi puppy!” … Almost to 2 miles in, I see a person standing outside of the rail trail near the fence by the nursery … “What the heck is that person doing?” … “Is that actually a person?” … “They aren’t moving…” … “I really wish I had pepper spray right now, should have gotten the stuff Paula told me about.” … “Is that a scarecrow or something?” … “Oh crap, that is a person. What are they doing, playing Pokemon Go?” … “Are they going to follow me now?” … “UGH my hamstring is hurting now!” … “Stupid creeper person, you’re totally to blame for my leg hurting.” Garmin says 12:52/mi pace for mile 2

MILE THREE: “Ok, slowed down a bit, but that’s good. It’d be awesome if I held a sub 13:00/mi pace.” … “I’m 1/4 of the way done! YEAH!” … “Hmm, should I get a new bike? If I’m going to do a triathlon this year, I should get a new bike. I also need to figure out what I’m going to do about my gym membership because I’m going to need a pool. I think I want to go with the Y because it will be on my way to or from work. But I’m really going to miss Zumba! But I guess I don’t really go that often and if I want to I can spend the money on it.Why can’t my gym just get a pool?” … Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi comes on my iPod … “This was the song that was playing when Maggie crossed the finish line at her ironman! I think that’s a sign that I need to do a triathlon!” … “Huh. Should I take my gel now or wait until I get to 4 miles? I think I’m going to take it now.” … “This weather is perfect, I really hope it’s like this for next weekend!” … “I’m really excited for the Grand Rapids marathon, I wonder how Matt & Paula are doing on their runs today!” See a guy riding his bike that waves hello, and a couple walking their dog … Garmin says 13:35/mi pace for mile 3


MILE FOUR: “Well crap I really slowed down. Oh well.” … Turns around on the trail … “Crap, now I have to pass these people again, they’re going to think I’m totally weird.” … Couple walking their dog moves over to the left to let me pass right when my watch signals a walk interval … To the couple: “It’s okay I’m walking now!” … “I think I’m going to write a blog about all of these random thoughts I’m having on this run.” … “Your Love by the Outfield came on when I started thinking about Matt & Paula, that’s funny – Matt told me about that song and now I listen to it all the time when I run.” … Honestly for most of mile 4 I just thought about how I was going to write this blog … Garmin says 13:11/mi pace for mile 4

MILE FIVE: “Sweet, picked up the pace a bit.” … “This breeze is awesome!” … “I’m more than halfway there!” … And I can’t remember what else I was thinking about, other than writing this blog … Garmin says 13:32/mi pace for mile 5


MILE SIX: “Well I slowed down again. That’s okay… this is just about getting the miles in!” … “Dude, I don’t remember there being a hill here the last time I ran this trail.” … “Oh good, time to walk!” … “Dang, these walk intervals are getting shorter I think!” … Garmin says 13:12/mi pace for mile 6

14650557_10101864820806336_6354007350970326915_nMILE SEVEN: “Okay! Picking the pace back up!” … “Only two more miles to go!” … “Wow, what a beautiful day.” … “Holy crap, I’m already at the high school!?” … “Oh man, the light is turning yellow, I gotta hurry up so I don’t have to stop to cross the street!” …  Garmin says 13:03/mi pace for mile 7

MILE EIGHT: “Yes, great pace! Last mile! Alright, next run interval… I’m running the rest of this mile!” … “Running faster actually feels really good! … Garmin says 12:15/mi pace for mile 8 … “YES! 8 miles, and DONE. Now I need to stretch really good and take some sweet post-run selfies.”


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