Goals for 2017

Goals for 2017: Accomplished?

With only a few days left in 2017, let’s look back and see how I did on my goals.

Improve My Health

  1. Exceed my run/walk mileage for 9/12 months from 2016, even if it is just by a tenth of a mile. My ultimate goal is to make 2017 a 730 mile year! CRUSHED IT! I beat my mileage in every month except for February, and currently I am over 800 miles for the year.
  2. Reach a goal of running/walking 100 miles in one month. I did it! In fact, I did it twice!
  3. Get a PR at the Detroit marathon. Despite the crappy conditions, I got a PR and improved my pace by almost a minute per mile.
  4. Complete one race (of any type) each month. The tradition continues!
  5. Reach my goal of a “normal” BMI by my 30th birthday. I accomplished this goal – however unfortunately I have had some weight regain. I would like to get back to the 155-160lbs weight range, where I felt my best and was accomplishing some amazing fitness feats.

Expand my Brain

  1. Do some continuing education every month – whether it is reading a nutrition related article, attending a webinar, or going to a training/conference. Ehhhh I sorta did this. I didn’t really keep track of it, though.
  2. Read a book every month – new or re-visit one I haven’t read in a long time. Once again, I did not accomplish this goal. I really need to get back into reading again!

Home Improvement

  1. Finish organizing the office and get furniture so it can be used as a second guest room. Did it!!
  2. Finish organizing the basement. This is still a work in progress.
  3. Set up a workout room in our basement. Treadmill, weight bench and TV are down there for doing at home workouts.
  4. Paint our bedroom. Didn’t do that this year but will probably be doing this early in the new year as we are planning to switch our bedrooms around!
  5. Decorate the walls – maybe with my medals! Not long after I posted these goals, my hubby made me a beautiful medal display that is hanging in our dining room!

Have Some Fun & Build Relationships

  1. See 311 in concert. I saw them for the first time at an indoor venue AND they played an extra long set to make up for cutting the show short in 2016!
  2. Get away somewhere for a weekend with Ken. I dunno if it counts but we did stay together just the two of us in Detroit for the marathon.
  3. Visit my out of town friends at least 6 times. I’m not sure if I did this or not… probably pretty close, but it was often the same friends…
  4. Visit my parents at least 6 times. I’m not sure if we did this or not either, but we did visit them as often as we could.
  5. Go somewhere that I have never been to before. Nope :(
  6. Post 50 blogs this year. Nope… only 35… 
  7. Complete an Instagram Project 365. I have 6 more days including today to finish this, but I’m quite confident that I will!
  8. Get together with the Fab Four at least once. There were a couple of times when it was really close to happening but unfortunately it never did. :(
  9. Celebrate Christmas Eve Eve with Kyle. WAHHHHHH Kyle didn’t come to Michigan for Christmas Eve Eve :(
  10. Binge watch Supernatural until I am caught up. I tried but really couldn’t get into this show.
  11. Watch all of the seasons of Gilmore Girls. Did it!! And the revival series on Netflix!
  12. Visit Jacklyn in her new home in Gaylord. Nope. And she moved back to the metro Detroit area anyway!
  13. Visit Lorraine and JD in Philly. Nope.
  14. Go to Cedar Point. Yes! A decent group of us went to run the Run and Ride race series. Something I really enjoy doing and would like to do again this year.

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