Goals for 2023, Nutrition, Running

My Word for 2023: Self-Investment

I spent the last few days of 2022 reflecting on the year and thinking about what I wanted out of 2023. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I found an article through a Google search about 23 Goals to Set in 2023: Goal Ideas for Self-Investment.

That term – self-investment – really stuck with me. I do want to invest in myself this year. I want to invest in my physical, mental and spiritual health. I want to invest in the relationships that matter the most to me. This is the motivation for my goals for 2023.

I will expand on what my specific goals are in other blog post. Here are some of the ideas I have brewing in my head:

  • I want to take care of my body in the coming year. I’ll do this with goals for running and other workouts, and goals for cooking, eating, and staying hydrated.
  • To care for my mind, I will be starting my next semesters of grad school. I want to read more outside of what I have to do for school as well. I will also be spending more time focused on mental health, including being a Still I Run Champion Ambassador for 2023.
  • For my soul, I will spend more time being creative. I like to express my creativity through makeup, coloring and writing.
  • A few other things I want to do in 2023 that will nourish my mind, body, AND soul: I have a few trips and adventures planned, I have goals for spending time with people, and I want to FINALLY start that cleaning routine I’ve been talking about doing for years.

What is your word for 2023? What goals or plans do you have for yourself in the coming year?


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