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Tried It Tuesday: Overnight Oatmeal

I will be honest. The first time that I tried overnight oats, I was not impressed. I really wanted to like them because I knew that I could make a batch and have breakfast for a few days, which is huge for someone who likes to sleep in like I do! I don't remember what… Continue reading Tried It Tuesday: Overnight Oatmeal


Breakfast Fun!

One thing that I love about weekends is the ability to whip up a more complex breakfast than I do during the weekdays.  Let's be honest - I like to sleep in.  I am not an early riser.  I don't leave myself a lot of time in the mornings before work to make a great… Continue reading Breakfast Fun!

What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday #3

Err... so this is actually "What I've Eaten Lately" because I haven't been very good at updating or taking pictures of the yummy food I eat. This delicious meal was breakfast on 1/15/12 - told you it had been a long time since I updated!  I love my weekends - I always try to make… Continue reading What I Ate Wednesday #3