Goals for 2012, Goals for 2013

New Year, New Me


It is December 31st 2012.  I bet some of my readers didn’t think we would even make it past 10 days ago – the date the Mayan calendar ended.  But since those end of the world predictions were wrong, here I am to review last year’s “Keeping It Real Dietitian’s” goals and set some new ones for 2013.

So lets review how I did on last year’s goals and what I am doing with them in 2013:

  • Get back into running.  Well, I did get back into it but not as whole-heartedly as I would have liked.  I did run a 5k race, but my wedding planning and a pseudo injury have held me back.  This goal stays on my list for 2013 and I am working on it TODAY by going to get new running shoes. :)
  • Cook more homemade meals. I think I was pretty successful with this, especially after Ken and I moved into our own house.  I want to continue this goal into 2013 and BLOG more about it which brings me to my next goal from 2012…
  • BLOG REGULARLY.  Fail.  According to my year in review from WordPress I only posted 17 blogs in 2012, which to me is a major fail.  I did get 1500 views, which is awesome… so my goal for 2013 is at least one blog article per week.  Next year my blog review b etter say I posted 52 blogs!!
  • Be a better future wife.  Well, I think I was more successful with this AFTER I became Ken’s wife.  I have kept our new home fairly clean and organized and like I said earlier I have been cooking on an almost regular basis.  I want to continue to keep a clean and organized home in 2013.
  • Don’t be a Bridezilla!  I think I nailed this one. I was super calm through most of the wedding planning.  In the final days before the wedding I did get a little more crazy, but overall no real Bridezilla.  Score!!!  So for 2013 my goal is not to be a Matron of Honor-zilla… I am standing up in my best friend’s wedding in September.
  • Plan for my future and career.  Hmm… still working on this one. I did change jobs to become a full time long term care dietitian, and maybe that is my career path, but I think my future holds more for me.  I am going to continue to look at advanced degrees and specializations that I can attain as a registered dietitian.

In general, I want to be the best me that I can be.  I want to work hard at my job and my marriage.  And I want to be healthy and fit.  So here’s to 2013, and AT LEAST 52 blog posts!!! ;)

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