Goals for 2016

Goals for 2016

It is that time of year again! The New Year, and with it comes the resolutions. Something that I teach my patients about as a dietitian is setting SMART goals. So what is a SMART goal? Here's what I learned from an aritcle put out by MSU Extension: SPECIFIC. A SMART goal focuses on answering… Continue reading Goals for 2016

Goals for 2013, Running

Getting Past Setbacks

So I posted not too long ago about a challenge that I was going after - a 6 week 5k training plan.  I went into the challenge head on and hard - I pushed myself to run at a faster pace and I completed the first week of the workout.  On the very last workout… Continue reading Getting Past Setbacks

Goals for 2012, Goals for 2013

New Year, New Me

It is December 31st 2012.  I bet some of my readers didn't think we would even make it past 10 days ago - the date the Mayan calendar ended.  But since those end of the world predictions were wrong, here I am to review last year's "Keeping It Real Dietitian's" goals and set some new… Continue reading New Year, New Me