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Public Humiliation Update

At the beginning of this year, I posted about the Public Humiliation Diet that one of my friends posted on Facebook.  Along with it, I posted my weight, my thoughts on dieting, and my goals for myself.

On 1/3/13, I weighed178.4#.  I was just barely starting to run again.  I was using MyFitnessPal here and there.  That month I put in about 18 miles according to Endomondo.

Then February came.  I got the flu.  I didn’t run for almost the whole month.  I almost gave up.  I lost some weight from being sick, but I gained it right back.  I only put in 2.15 miles on Endomondo… yikes.

March wasn’t a whole lot better, but I decided that I was going to do a 5k… I signed up for one on May 4th, the M.O.M. 5k, which was my first race in 4 years last year.  Then I found another one happening sooner, on April 20th.  I decided I could do it.  I put in almost 28 miles that month, but there was a period of time that I barely ran, and there was a lot of stress at work.  I got down to 176.8#

April came and I trained harder.  I was going to run the 5k on April 20th.  I waited until the last minute to sign up… literally the week before, just in case I wasn’t ready.  I ran my race… I ran the whole thing!  My time was 38:33.  The stress at work continued.  I reached my goal of at least 40 miles in April, ending with almost 42 miles on Endomondo.  I hovered between 173-174#.

And now we’re in May.  I started the month with the 5k race I had been training for.  I was a little disappointed in my time – 40:23, but the course was longer than 3.1 miles… according to my Endomondo I ran at about a 12:33 pace which would be about a 38:59 5k.  It was hotter than I was used to and it was a hilly run.  I didn’t run the whole thing, I stopped to walk for about a minute.  The last time I weighed myself was 5/10/13 and I weighed 171.2#.

We’re almost halfway through the year.

  • My best 5k time was on a training run – 37:58.  Still working my way down to my PR which is under 36 minutes.
  • I’m going to start training to run a 10k.  Hopefully that training will help me to speed up my pace a bit.
  • This month my goal is to reach 50 miles on Endomondo between walking and running.  So far I have 19.41 miles in!  As long as I am getting a little over 10 miles in each week, I’ll reach my goal.
  • I’ve lost 7.2# in 18 weeks, definitely slow and steady weight loss.  As long as I fit into my bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding, I’ll be happy with whatever number is on the scale. :)

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