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Keeping It Real: Why My Body Is Awesome!

I like many people out there, I’m sure, am completely guilty of bashing my body.  There are days when I say critical things about myself and I get down on myself for not eating right or exercising enough.  And as a dietitian I should be a better role model to the world… but lately life has just gotten in the way.  I was doing great this spring and summer, and then my best friend’s wedding hit.  Not that I’m using her wedding as an excuse, but it seems that ever since a week or so before her wedding, my motivation has been ZERO.

But one thing that all of my hard work over the spring and summer did for me is make it so much easier to jump back in when I am ready to.  I used to think that every time I “fell off the wagon” I would have to start back at page one.  Especially when it came to running.  I thought “Well, when I started, I could only barely do Week 3 of the Couch 2 5k workout, so I better start there.”  But my body is better than that!  My mind is what gets in my way.

So I still haven’t been running regularly, but as I scanned through a few of my past blog entries, I thought I really ought to get back into it.  And not only back into running, but treating my body better in general.  I have been skipping breakfast a lot more (a bad habit I had broken for a very long time) and eating out way too much.  I need to start with breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day, and I know it will set me up for eating better throughout the day if I start with a healthy breakfast.

I really have to say, my body is pretty awesome.  I put it through a lot of crap, and sometimes put some really bad crap into it, and yet I can still do the things I love to do.  And I don’t have to start from square run.  Nope… I’m perfectly capable of running 5 minutes at a time, probably even more if I push myself.  And there’s no doubt in my mind if I run a few times a week I’ll be back to running 20 minutes at a time in a matter of days!  So I need to just do it… like Nike says… JUST DO IT!!!

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