What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday #7

almost forgot about this today!  I was trying to think of a creative photo for my Project 365 picture of the day, then remembered I needed to do this.  So I captured pictures of what I ate today, plus a bonus!

What I Ate Wednesday - January 8, 2014
What I Ate Wednesday – January 8, 2014

This morning I could have slept in, but I woke up at 6am.  I didn’t have to be to work until 9:30am so it gave me plenty of time to relax and enjoy waking up.  I made myself a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats (Little Bites – I don’t know why but they just taste better!) and had a glass of V8 Fusion Concord Grape Raspberry mixed with sparkling water.  Topped my breakfast off with a hard boiled egg and a cup of coffee with 1 tbsp sugar and 2 tbsp milk.  Then I sat in the recliner and read until it was time to get ready.

Getting ready included packing my lunch for work.  I decided on tuna mixed with Mayo made with Olive Oil – my favorite.  I threw in a cup of peach fruit on the bottom yogurt and some wavy potato chips.  I got dressed, grabbed my lunch and headed to work!

I had a few more snacks during my work day – I read an email about healthy snacks and the first thing I noticed was popcorn, and after that I just had to have some popcorn.  Luckily my coworker keeps a box of it around so I popped us a bag… burnt it… popped another… and enjoyed.  I also had one of my Belgian chocolates from Christmas.

When I got home from work, my hubby wasn’t feeling well so he asked me to get him some chicken noodle soup.  I wanted to go to the gym for a run, so I went to Planet Fitness, ran 2.3 miles (well, ran about 1.7 miles, walked the rest for warm up and cool down), then stopped at the grocery store to pick up soup and a few other items for the rest of the week.  I forgot milk, of course… our milk expired yesterday.  Still smells okay.  ;)  (Really great dietitian there, eh?)

I heated up my husband’s soup when I got home and decided to have some soup for supper myself.  I had Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Quesadilla soup which was yummy.  I had some tortilla chips and Garden Fresh Gourmet salsa on the side.  Ooooh, I love GFG’s Sweet Onion salsa.  DEEEE-LISH!

So my photo of the day is also worthy of sharing:

This was the workout that I did this morning since I had so much time before I had to go to work.  I absolutely love this workout video.  I am not a huge fan of strength training, I find it really boring, and I don’t really like to do it in front of people at the gym because I am really weak.  This workout has a lot of bang for your buck since most of the moves involve multiple muscle groups.  There are three workouts:  a 15 minute upper & lower body strength routine, a 15 minute core & total body strength routine, and a 15 minute quick cardio workout.  The moves are easy enough for me to do, but also effective – I am always sore the day after I do this video!

Well that’s about it from me.  I am dozing off while I am sitting here typing this out, so I think that means it is time for me to get some shuteye!

3 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #7”

  1. Hey =)
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog! I love the fact that you are open about the fact your diet isn’t always ‘perfect’ (Whatever the heck that means! Everyone seems to have a different definition!) but that you are still generally healthy and happy. There is so much pressure out there and so many public figures and professionals shaming people for eating different things that it is just so refreshing to hear someone take of some of the guilt and just be honest about what they really eat and believe.
    Thanks heaps!

  2. Wow, thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Everything you said is exactly why I started this blog… to show everyone that just because I am a dietitian doesn’t meant I am always “perfect” and why do we have to define perfection anyway? I try hard to be as healthy as possible, but my eating, exercising and lifestyle in general is a work in progress. And I believe if I have struggles, so does everyone else, and it always helps to know you’re not alone. I also believe if I can do it, so can anyone else!

    1. I think we are all works in progress and I think that is OK! I get so sick of all the mixed messages out there all preaching different things and all the pressure and expectations to live up to some crazy standard, and I think so often in the midst of it all we miss the point. Health is suppose to enhance our quality of life, but if it causes us to be so ridged that we can’t have fun any more then what is the point? Of course I think it is great to improve ourselves and work hard, but not if it means you can no longer enjoy life. I love that you say it is fine to not be perfect, and like you say what is perfect anyway! Thank you! =) Makes me feel so much better!

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