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Banking the Miles 2015: May Update

Well guys, I have really been slacking. I have been slacking on my miles and I have been slacking on my posts! So much has happened in the last few months… a few of my friends and family have gotten engaged, pregnancies have been announced, my best friend moved to another state, and another friend got married! Oh yeah, and I was baptized at Easter. So needless to say, I have been really busy.

But it is time to get back in the groove. I have been run/walking lately… I do not have the stamina to run for a long time in the heat! And I am also preparing for a race in a couple of weeks. I am FINALLY going to run a 5k at Cedar Point with my friend and her husband, something that we have been trying to plan for THREE YEARS. My friend and I have both been slacking in our training, so we are planning to just run/walk the race. We are hoping to finish in less than 40 minutes. Wish us luck!!

Here’s an update on my miles…

  • January 2014: 15.40 miles / January 2015: 17.48 miles
  • February 2014: 29.24 miles / February 2015: 18.09 miles
  • March 2014: 27.98 miles / March 2015: 19.08 miles
  • April 2014: 43.68 miles / April 2015 10.51 miles
  • May 2014: 46.19 miles / May 2015 33.52 miles
  • June 2014: 22.02 miles
  • July 2014: 33.19 miles
  • August 2014: 17.15 miles
  • September 2014: 42.27 miles
  • October 2014: 11.30 miles
  • November 2014: 17.27 miles
  • December 2014: 16.50 miles
  • TOTAL 2014: 322 miles / TOTAL 2015: 118 so far…

I have a LOT of work to beat my mileage from last year! In fact, I need to average 30 miles per month for the rest of this year to beat last year’s mileage… I can DO IT. Especially since I still have my goal of 50 miles in a month to aim for!

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