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Race Recap: The Chip River Run 2015

This is my third year running this race, and every year it has been so very different. Not only the course but the conditions. Each year presents its own challenges, but this year… this year was definitely the most challenging.

My lack of posts coincides with my lack of training. I have been seriously slacking. But since I was able to run an 8k this year and a 10k this year (not in a race) I figured… heck, I might as well run the 10k at the Chip River Run! Every year I have only done a 5k, so this year let’s change it up. Even with not training as much as usual I thought I could handle it, I have become a more seasoned runner. Oh, how very, very wrong I was.

I had looked at the weather reports the days leading up to the race and was expecting a cooler, possibly rainy race day. So I packed running capris and a black running short sleeved shirt. I even threw a windbreaker in there in case I was too cool, or it rained. I definitely didn’t need it… and I definitely chose my outfit poorly! Before the race even started I knew I was in trouble. Everyone was wearing shorts and tank tops, and the guys were shirtless. I was warm before I even got to the start. I rolled up my sleeves but that didn’t help. It was 70 degrees and humid, very very humid, and getting warmer by the minute.

So I started the race and was sweating almost immediately. My first mile went by and when I heard my Endomondo tell me that I was running at a 13:08 pace I knew I was in trouble. I told myself to pick it up, but then by mile 2 I was even slower. I finally reached the point where the 10k runners split off. I was sweating buckets and felt like absolute crap… so I chose to take the 5k route. I texted my mom to let her know that I was switching to the 5k and that I should be finished in about 12 minutes. My last mile ended up being over 14 minutes pace… I was a hot, disappointed mess. My Endomondo time was 43:37 for 3.19 miles. And Endomondo agreed with me… it was really, really humid… 97% humidity in fact! My official time was 43:19… a 14:01 min/mile pace. YUCK.

But hey. I got out and I ran. I am one more month closer to my goal of one race every month (even though in March I didn’t run an “official” race… I did run a 10k without stopping at home!) and I am moving!

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