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Race Recap: BARC Christmas 5k

Well guys, I reached my goal! I ran a race every month during 2015. (Although if you want to be technical, in March I did not run an organized race – I just challenged myself to running a 10k on my own). My December race was the Bay Area Runners Club (BARC) Christmas 5k. This was my first time doing a BARC race, and I look forward to doing more in the future! It was organized well and was very inexpensive, which is always a plus.

After a week of some unseasonably warm weather, the temperature decided to plummet just in time for this Christmas race. It was a lovely 26 degrees at race time, which was fine with me. I actually enjoy cold weather running a whole lot more than hot weather running. We got to the race and picked up my number, then headed out to the start line. I wasn’t sure if I had dressed warmly enough… as we were waiting I was feeling pretty chilly and my fingers especially were freezing.

I had debated on whether or not I wanted to dress up for this race. I am glad that I did because look at how cute I am! ;)

Like I said, this was my first time running this race, and as the race was about to start I heard someone say that it was a two lap race. This was my first time running anything other than a single loop or an out-and-back type race. It was kinda run as we were running to see the leaders pass me several times. ;) As I hit the first turnaround, I was feeling pretty good. Not long after I heard my endomondo app tell me I had reached one mile in 11:15. Whew! Better than I had thought I would do, considering every outdoor training run I had done lately had be in the 12 minute mile range. So I continued to keep up the pace.

As I was running, I heard someone catching up to me. I realized that this person that had caught up to me was speed-walking. Now, I know that I am a slow runner. And that some speed-walkers are very, very fast. But this presented as a challenge to me. So we went back and forth, he would pass me, I would pass him. My endomondo app spoke up again to tell me that I had done my second mile in 11:19. A little slower. I decided now was the time to really test myself. I had been running negative splits on the track at my gym, I could do it here!

When I hit the three mile mark, endomondo told me my pace had improved to 10:58 per mile. The last part of the race had a slight uphill, and it was a challenge, especially since I had kicked up my pace. Some girls who had passed me suddenly stopped in front of me on that hill, which could have really thrown me off but I was in the zone and the finish line was within my sights. I saw my husband at the final turn and waved to him. He snapped some pictures that caught my santa hat in action, and also showed me that my running form has improved so much over the last year! I saw the finish line and the clock reading 35:XX… this wasn’t a PR, but it was sure as heck a great race!! I went all out as I finished. At the finish line they had a printer that would give you a little receipt with your finish time. This of course distracted me from stopping my endomondo app, but from what I can tell I finished the race in about 34:57, just under 35 minutes! According to endomondo, my actual 5k time was 34:37, and per the receipt my official gun time was 35:19. Overall, I am super happy with this race and it was a great one to round out 2015!

So far in 2015 I have managed to reach a total of 407 miles running & walking. Unfortunately I don’t think that I will be reaching my goal of 426 miles this year, with only 3 days left to go. But man, oh man, did I ever come close!

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