You Know You’re a Runner When…

As I was scrolling through Facebook this afternoon, I saw a friend post that she was doing Couch-2-5k. This overwhelming excitement built up inside of me… and inspired me to write this post.

You Know You’re a Runner When… (or at least this is how I knew I was a runner)

  • You get overly excited when someone you know starts running and make plans with them to run a race together.
  • You get more excited over a new pair of running shoes than any other shoes that you might have worn in the past.
  • Same goes for running clothes – and you might even have more running capris, leggings, shorts, etc. than you do actual street clothes.
  • You actually don’t mind getting up before sunrise to get in a run before work or before it gets too hot.
  • Your toenails start growing in all sorts of funky ways, or maybe you even lose a couple, and you’re like “YEAH! I’m a real runner now!”
  • You actually cry tears of joy when you accomplish a goal. For me, my first one was being able to run a mile without stopping. Most recently, it was running The Crim – even though I ran/walked it, that was one of my proudest running moments EVER crossing that finish line.
  • You have a pinterest board dedicated to what you can do with all of your race bibs and medals.
  • Most of your posts on social media have something to do with running.
  • When planning a vacation, you look to see if there are any races going on while you are there. Or at least you look for cool trails and places to run.
  • You find making training plans really relaxing.
  • You have a bucket list of races that you want to complete some day.
  • The majority of the t-shirts in your closet are from races.
  • When traveling, or at a zoo, or a theme park, or whatever – you think, “Man, it would be really cool to run a 5k here.”
  • You talk about running all the time and use running terms regularly, and your non-runner friends are like, “Huh?”
  • You find that more and more of your friends are also runners.
  • You try to convince your non-runner friends of how amazing running is and offer to run with them.
  • You have made several running music playlists for different races or different moods or maybe for training programs that use intervals.
  • Your blog is mostly dedicated to stuff about your running. And you might even have a post just like this one. :)

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