You Know You’re a Runner When…

As I was scrolling through Facebook this afternoon, I saw a friend post that she was doing Couch-2-5k. This overwhelming excitement built up inside of me... and inspired me to write this post. You Know You're a Runner When... (or at least this is how I knew I was a runner) You get overly excited… Continue reading You Know You’re a Runner When…

Goals for 2016

Goals for 2016

It is that time of year again! The New Year, and with it comes the resolutions. Something that I teach my patients about as a dietitian is setting SMART goals. So what is a SMART goal? Here's what I learned from an aritcle put out by MSU Extension: SPECIFIC. A SMART goal focuses on answering… Continue reading Goals for 2016

Thirty Before 30

Thirty Things Before 30

I'm 27.  Ever since I turned 26, I have been somewhat dreading the big "three-oh".  I know that these days 30 is the new 21, but there is just something about that age.  It seems so "grown up".  Ohh, I know I'm only as old as I feel, but I think society says once you… Continue reading Thirty Things Before 30