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Race Recap: BARC Freeze Your Fanny 5k

2016 is off to a great start for running! Although I have not exactly stuck to my training plan, I have been running 3-4 days per week. I find myself going to the gym thinking there’s no way I can run 3 miles… and then I not only do 3 miles, but I do negative splits. Isn’t it funny how much our mind can get in our way? Our bodies are capable of far more than we let ourselves think that they are.

Today was my first race of the year, the BARC Freeze Your Fanny 5k. It was the same course as the BARC Christmas 5k, so it included a second loop once again. The temperatures were not completely freezing, in fact it was probably about the same temperature as it was for the Christmas 5k. The biggest difference was that it was 40 degrees yesterday, and it rained, then the temperature dropped – so the course was patched with slick icy spots. I just got new running clothes from Old Navy and ordered a few “GoWarm” items – they definitely kept me nice and cozy – I did not actually freeze my fanny!

The race started and I felt like I was moving at a snail’s pace. I was hanging back with some of the speed-walkers. After a quarter mile I got stuck in a pack that I had to get out of – I felt terrible but I basically cut across in front of some slower runners that were just behind me to get out of the pack. I took off a bit faster and found a comfortable pace. Just after the first turn, I reached one mile at 11:05 pace. I was surprised because I did not feel like I was going that fast, so I tried to keep a steady pace.

I thought I was keeping a steady pace until I completed my second mile in 11:37. I cussed out loud – OOPS! – and kicked it up a notch. I’ve been doing so well at negative splits and really wanted to have a sub 11 minute mile! But that didn’t work out.

As I was coming up to the finish line, I saw my husband who was snapping pictures of me like crazy. I love that he supports me and it was cute to see him there, trying to be a sports photojournalist and capturing my last tenth of a mile. Just after I saw my husband, I passed my coworker who told me great job – I told him nice work – he finished the race at a sub 6 minute pace! That’s what I love about runners, we understand that a mile is a mile, whether it is run in 5:57 or 11:11, and we support each other. It is such an awesome community to be a part of.

The finish ends with an uphill, but amazingly it did not feel as difficult this time. I saw the time on the clock reading 35 minutes and pushed as hard as I could. I ended up finishing with an official time of 35:16, 3 seconds faster than the Christmas 5k. Hey, it’s a PR and I’m proud!

Next up… Winterlaufe 8k on 2/6/16… I’m excited to conquer those hills again!

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