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Stuff I Love: Brownberry Double Fiber Bread

If you eat bread and you are like me, you have probably eaten the same type of bread for years and years. You find something that you like and you stick with it. I think I especially do this with bread because it can be a food filled with lots of empty calories. Although when I really think about it, I probably only eat bread once or twice per week, if I’m lucky.

That being said, my usual go-to bread is Aunt Millie’s Whole Grain white bread. I will admit, even as a dietitian, I’m still a white bread kinda girl. So the dietitian in me loves the fact that Aunt Millie’s has a white bread flavor but contains whole grains and fiber, so at least I feel like it is a little bit more nutrient dense than just plan white bread.

The other day I was passing the grocery store and remembered, oh yeah! I need bread and milk! So I popped in and scooted over to the bread aisle. I went to grab my “go-to” and saw that it wasn’t on sale, and I thought, hmm, maybe I could use a change of pace. I scanned through the different types of bread and my eyes fixated on “DOUBLE FIBER”. I will also admit, even as a dietitian, that I rarely get enough fiber in my diet. So I read the label, felt pretty good about what was in the bread, and threw it in my basket.

My Aunt Millie’s bread has 100 calories for 2 slices and 5g fiber for 2 slices. This Brownberry bread has 90 calories per slice and 6g fiber per slice! And the slices are pretty substantial sized, so even using only one slice to make a sandwich I still felt like I was getting a decent volume of bread. As far as taste goes, it definitely doesn’t taste like a slice of cardboard, as many high fiber items tend to taste. It made a good ham sandwich and a grilled cheese, and I felt good about the amount of whole grains and fiber I was getting in my meals.

*Disclaimer: Nope, nobody paid me to write this article. Actually, nobody has paid me to write any articles, which is kinda disappointing. My “Stuff I Love” posts are about products that I have tried and genuinely really like.*

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