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Race Recap: Millennium Force 5k 2016

13443314_10101710270536316_3310570987509845760_oOnce again, leading up to one of my favorite races of the year, I was paranoid about the weather. The weather forecast for Saturday June 11th in Sandusky, OH was severe thunderstorms and 90 degrees. Not ideal for running a 5k in the roller coaster capital of the world… and definitely not idea for riding roller coasters!

This year, I teamed up with my friend Heather again, only we made it a girls only trip. We were able to get down to Cedar Point early enough on Friday to grab our race packets and bibs and then spent the evening just being girls! We had dinner, went shopping, Heather taught me how to play Phase 10, and we laughed until we cried taking Snapchat photos of ourselves.

Morning came and the weather forecast was better – much lower chance of thunderstorms, but still going to hit 90 degrees. Luckily the race started bright and early at 7:45am, so while we were running it wasn’t so bad. Last year, you may recall, I surprised myself at this race by coming close to an overall PR. This year my goal was different. I wanted to stick with my friend and help her finish.

The race was tough and we walked most of it, but we got to enjoy the sights of Cedar Point without the massive crowds and of course spending time with one of my best friends is always great, especially while doing something we both love! We crossed the finish line with our hands in the air, making for a MUCH nicer finish picture than last year. Our final time was 53:16.

We headed back to our hotel room to shower, but later on that day we both wondered why we even bothered! It was SO HOT in the park… temps hit 93 degrees, and probably even higher in that cement hot box. We waited in line during one of the hottest times of the day for 2 hours to get on the new ride, Valravn. When we were about to get on the ride, I turned to Heather and said, “Nevermind, I’m too scared, let’s go!” Of course I was joking and followed it up with “After that wait, I’d ride the scariest ride in the park!” And what do you know… I got what I asked for… we were seated in the front row of the ride! It wasn’t that scary though – it was an awesome ride!

We didn’t wait quite as long the rest of the day… 5-30 minutes, depending on the coaster. We rode a total of 5 roller coasters, which for the amount of people that were there that day was pretty awesome!

We learned at least one lesson for next time – now that you have the option to purchase a weekend pass with any race, we will definitely get it for next year so that we can go to the park Friday night. Hopefully we will be able to stay an entire weekend, but even if we can’t – it was only $15 more for the weekend pass versus $40 for a “twilight pass” – DUMB.

Overall, it was a very fun weekend and still one of my favorite races! I hope to get some more of my friends to get into it… you SERIOUSLY can’t beat the price for a day or weekend at Cedar Point PLUS an awesome 5k with a sweet t-shirt and medal!

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