Goals for 2014, Running

Banking the Miles: October Update

October and the beginning of November have been a roller coaster for me.  I’ve had some huge ups and even bigger downs, I’ve experienced every emotion in the last couple of weeks in the most intense form.  My diet and my exercise have suffered.

I’m starting this week fresh, though.  I have lots of reasons to start fresh, the biggest being… ::drumroll please::… I am starting a NEW job!

I have accepted a new position that I am really excited about.  I am actually staying at my old job one day a week for a little while until they can replace me, which is a nice transition.  But tomorrow instead of a 2 mile drive to the nursing home I’ll be making a little longer drive to a hospital to work as an outpatient dietitian!  I am really anxious for this change… I think it is not only going to be great for my career, but also great for me personally.

Some bummers… I did not run any races in October, and I did not run the Mid-Land Half.  But I’m looking forward to 2015 with my goals set high – I want to run the Winter Warrior Races, starting with a 5k for the Snowman, a 10k for the Ice Cube, and a half marathon at the Mud Dogs!  Big goals… but I’m determined to do it this year.

  • January 2013: 12.33 miles / January 2014: 15.40 miles
  • February 2013: 2.15 miles / February 2014: 29.24 miles
  • March 2013: 27.85 miles / March 2014: 27.98 miles
  • April 2013: 41.96 miles / April 2014: 43.68 miles
  • May 2013: 45.00 miles / May 2014: 46.19 miles
  • June 2013: 32.96 miles / June 2014: 22.02 miles
  • July 2013: 31.78 miles / July 2014: 33.19 miles
  • August 2013: 37.90 miles / August 2014: 17.15 miles
  • September 2013: 2.30 miles / September 2014: 42.27 miles
  • October 2013: 4.24 miles / October 2014: 11.30 miles
  • November 2013: 6.60 miles / November 2014:
  • December 2013: 7.73 miles / December 2014:
  • TOTAL 2013: 253 miles / TOTAL 2014: 288 so far

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