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July 2018 Training Recap

July was a very busy and intense month for training! The beginning of the month was full of races, the middle of the month was a little stressful, and the end of the month has me feeling refreshed and refocused. Let’s take a look at my stats.

  • Total Miles: 78.57 miles

Here’s where I stand with my “Banking the Miles” challenge for 2018:

  • January 2017: 73.83 miles / January 2018: 66.50 miles
  • February 2017: 33.39 miles February 2018: 74.53 miles
  • March 2017: 51.51 miles March 2018: 89.00 miles
  • April 2017: 68.68 miles / April 2018: 70.75 miles
  • May 2017: 61.50 miles May 2018: 100.19 miles
  • June 2017: 51.62 miles June 2018: 78.57 miles
  • July 2017: 70.38 miles/ July 2018: 79.76 miles
  • August 2017: 104.54 miles /
  • September 2017: 136.86 miles /
  • October 2017: 72.28 miles /
  • November 2017: 52.86 miles /
  • December 2017: 57.54 miles /
  • TOTAL 2017: 835 miles / TOTAL 2018: 566.63 miles / GOAL: 1000 miles, 57%

What was I training for? Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon

What races did I run? Volkslaufe 5k, Cornstalk 5k with MyTeamTriumph, unofficial 4th of July 5k in Canadian Lakes

Best performances: The unofficial 5k at Canadian Lakes was my best 5k in a while. I have been using run/walk interval training so my speed has decreased, although my endurance is great. I ended up running the 5k without intervals and finished in 33:40. It was a huge pick-me-up after a very difficult 5k at Volkslaufe earlier that week.

Opportunities for improvement: I need to average 86.7 miles per month to reach my goal of 1000 miles by the end of the year. I count my walking miles as part of this goal. I sit a lot at work so something I would like to do in August is start walking at least a mile every work day and on my rest days if they are not work days. I need to keep my momentum going with my cross training and following my training plan.

What’s ahead: The Crim is next month and I am really looking forward to it. It is one of my favorite races of the year! In September I will be running a half marathon and a half marathon relay. I have never done a relay before so I am excited to give that a try. A friend of mine and I were even talking about doing a “driathlon” (where you canoe or kayak instead of swim, then bike and run) together sometime in September. Of course my training is focused on the Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon in October.

**Join me at the Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon in October – if you use my code “MEGANROCKS2018″ you will get 10% off your registration!**

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