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Living in a Pandemic

Lessons learned & silver linings. Sometimes it seems like March 11th was another lifetime ago. The reality is that it was a little over 100 days ago, which really isn't long in the grand scheme of things. It feels like a lifetime ago because so much is different now. What used to be normal feels… Continue reading Living in a Pandemic


Adjusting to the New Normal

Two months ago, COVID-19 was barely on my radar. Then, suddenly, it was all I heard about and seemed like all I talked about. I knew things would be changing, but I had no idea how much or in what ways. There were some things that I expected - like concerts and races being postponed… Continue reading Adjusting to the New Normal

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A Stay at Home Update from RD on the Run

The last time I posted as about my alcohol free journey - I was 60 days alcohol free at that moment, as I write to you today I am 94 days alcohol free. A) I'm pretty freakin' proud of this accomplishment and B) I'm pretty freakin' bummed that I haven't written anything in a month.… Continue reading A Stay at Home Update from RD on the Run