Race Recap: MOM 5k 2018

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This month I am dedicating my running to raising awareness about mental illness and suicide. I hope that talking about it and running for it helps to break the stigma surrounding it. The month started on the right foot with me committing to running or walking at least one … Continue reading Race Recap: MOM 5k 2018


April 2018 Training Recap

April was quite the month for me! Between wrapping up my heaviest training for the Glass City Marathon and heading into taper time, recuperating from an injury and then racing my third marathon... there was a lot going on! I really felt like after coming to terms with the injury (tendinitis on the top of … Continue reading April 2018 Training Recap

Redemption 2018

"Redemption" and "redeem" have many definitions. For instance, many people think of being saved from sin, or something otherwise religious when they hear the word. Or they might think of getting something back - like redeeming a coupon. Many of the definitions center around faults, mistakes, guilt or rescue. I have chose REDEMPTION as my … Continue reading Redemption 2018