Race Recap: BARC St. Patrick’s Day Races 2018

The same day that the Race Ambassadors for the Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon were announced, Runner's World published an article about Stellar St. Patrick's Day Runs - and one of my hometown favorites, the BARC St. Patrick's Day Races, was featured! This year I was chosen as a Brand Ambassador for the title sponsor … Continue reading Race Recap: BARC St. Patrick’s Day Races 2018


BIG Announcement!

On February 28th, I received an email that I was sure couldn't be true. I must have read that email about five times before I replied to it. I just couldn't believe it... but I replied, and then on March 1st got confirmation that it wasn't just a dream, it was real. I had to … Continue reading BIG Announcement!

Goals for 2018

I have debated about whether or not I wanted to post an official "Goals for 2018" list. It seems like in years past although I have posted goals I haven't really kept up with them throughout the year. Then when December comes and I look back, sometimes I'm surprised by what I've accomplished, and sometimes … Continue reading Goals for 2018