Goals for 2015

Goals for 2015

It is a New Year again, and I have already seen an influx of “Resolutioners” coming to my gym.  The aisles of my local grocery store are stocked with protein powders, weight loss shakes, and slimming supplements.  I’m even guilty myself of focusing more on fitness in the early months of the year, and of course coming up with goals to accomplish in the coming months.  Is it totally unoriginal?  Yes.  Is that going to stop me?  No!  I love creating goals for myself to accomplish throughout the year and aiming to better myself more and more.  So that’s what this list is for… and I hope that maybe it will inspire you, too.

I’m going to go back to the “Big Goals w/ Little Sub-Goals” idea that I have done in the past.

Last update: 1/2/16

Improve My Physical Fitness

  1. Beat my run/walk mileage from last year, with an ultimate goal of 426 miles (aka the distance to Cedar Point from my house and back!) I did beat my mileage, but didn’t quite make it to the 426 miles – I finished out the year with 414 run/walk miles. Add cycling to the mix and I actually did beat my goal – I tracked 429 miles!
  2. Reach a goal of running/walking 2015 miles w/ a team of 6 (myself, my brother and sister-in-law, two of my friends, and my mom’s friend) – so far with one of my friends, my brother, sister-in-law and myself reporting we have 2009 miles!
  3. Reach a goal of running/walking 50 miles in one month. Done! June 2015
  4. Complete an 8k race. Done! The Winterlaufe 2/8/15
  5. Complete a 10k race. Done! The Race for Makueni and The Mid-Land
  6. Complete a half marathon… didn’t make it this year :(
  7. Complete a duathlon or triathlon… didn’t make it this year :(
  8. Complete one race (of any type) each month. (January – The Snowman’s 5k, February – Winterlaufe 8k, March – ran a 10k on my own at home, April – Go the Extra Mile for Covenant Kids 5k, May – Chip River Run 5k, June – Cedar Point 5k and St. Mary’s Bee Healthy for Life 5k), July – Canadian Lakes 5k, August – The Crim 10 miler, September – Race for Your Heart 5k, October – Race for Makueni 10k, November – Mid-Land 10k, December – BARC Christmas 5k
  9. Do a “Month of Movement” in June.

Expand my Brain

  1. Read one new book every month. (January – Something Other Than God, February/March – Insurgent, April/May – Allegiant) (Here’s some ideas: Insurgent, Allegiant, Serena, Paper Towns, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Silver Linings Playbook, Adulation, 11/22/63, Something Other Than God, Left Behind, The Bell Jar, What She Saw) – nope, didn’t happen.
  2. Organize all of my continuing education and enter into the CDR website. – Still have to put in my weight management training, sheesh!
  3. Complete the Adult Weight Management Level 1 training in October in Virginia Beach, VA.

Have Some Fun & Build Relationships

  1. See 311 in concert. (July 9!)
  2. Attend at least 3 concerts in 2015. (Barenaked Ladies on 6/20, Dashboard Confessional/Third Eye Blind on 6/25, 311 on 7/9)
  3. Play Cards Against Humanity. – Nope. :(
  4. Get away somewhere for a weekend with Ken. – Not a whole weekend, we did go to Cedar Point.
  5. Convalidate our marriage or make plans to in the near future. – Maybe this year.
  6. Visit my out of town friends at least 6 times.
  7. Visit my parents at least 6 times.
  8. Go somewhere that I have never been to before.
  9. Post 50 blogs this year. – Nope, only made it to 33! Darn.
  10. Complete one month of “FMS Photo a Day”. – Okay, not exactly FMS Photo a Day (I didn’t like it when it switched to weekly) but I did do my own monthly Photo-a-Day and I completed it! YAAAAASSS!!
  11. Go to Pestos with the Fab Four at least once. – :(
  12. Meet Kyle for dinner in Flint at least once. – :(
  13. Finish all 9 seasons of “How I Met Your Mother”
  14. Visit Kendra in her new home in Ohio. – Not this year, but in February 2016 it is happening!
  15. Visit Kristine in her new home in Pittsburgh.
  16. Go to Cedar Point.

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