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September 2018 Training Recap

I have so many feelings about September 2018. It had some serious highs and some major lows. It started off on a high note with my best friend completing her first olympic triathlon and winning her age group, then a half marathon PR for me a week later, hit a low when a running friend… Continue reading September 2018 Training Recap

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May 2018 Training Recap

In May I completed my first ever run/walk streak - I participated in the "Still I Run" streak for Mental Health Awareness month, and I walked or ran at least 1 mile every day in the month of May. I came close to breaking my streak a few times but I was determined to accomplish… Continue reading May 2018 Training Recap

Goals for 2015

Goals for 2015

It is a New Year again, and I have already seen an influx of "Resolutioners" coming to my gym.  The aisles of my local grocery store are stocked with protein powders, weight loss shakes, and slimming supplements.  I'm even guilty myself of focusing more on fitness in the early months of the year, and of… Continue reading Goals for 2015

Goals for 2014

Keeping It Real: My Goals for 2014, Accomplished?

So here's my list of goals for 2014, minus the ones that I decided not to accomplish earlier this year.  I finished 10/27 of last year's goals, not too shabby!  I'm ready to start a new list of goals for 2015. Cancel my membership at my current gym and get a new membership somewhere else… Continue reading Keeping It Real: My Goals for 2014, Accomplished?

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Banking the Miles: April Update

I can't believe that we are already almost a week into April.  Time flies when you're having fun!  Or in my case, when you fill your life with awesome people and entertaining things to do. While I haven't really kept up on all of my goals for this year, I have been staying active.  I… Continue reading Banking the Miles: April Update