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Race Recap: The Crim 10 Mile 2015

My last training run before the Crim was a tough 8.4 mile route up at my parents' place. When I got home from the run, I said to my parents, "I really hope adrenaline kicks in during the race because that was really rough." For the rest of the day I felt crappy. I had… Continue reading Race Recap: The Crim 10 Mile 2015

Keeping It Real

Becoming Catholic: The Man Born Blind

When most people think of Lent, if they know anything about it, they think of "Oh, that's when you give up something for 40 days."  While this is partially true - part of Lent is abstinence and penance, which goes along with giving up something - the biggest part of Lent for me, especially this… Continue reading Becoming Catholic: The Man Born Blind

Goals for 2015

Goals for 2015

It is a New Year again, and I have already seen an influx of "Resolutioners" coming to my gym.  The aisles of my local grocery store are stocked with protein powders, weight loss shakes, and slimming supplements.  I'm even guilty myself of focusing more on fitness in the early months of the year, and of… Continue reading Goals for 2015