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Two Weeks til Marathon #3!

Last week I was nothing but nerves because after running my 20 miler, the top of my foot was so painful I could hardly walk. I did all kinds of RICE: rest, ice, compression, elevation. On Wednesday I went with my friend Christine to a free injury clinic at a local running store. The PT I saw gave me hope – she didn’t think it was a sprain or fracture, and if I kept doing what I was doing I’d probably be able to run my marathon. So the question was… when do I start running again? The answer: after a full PT evaluation or when there was no pain, whichever came first.

Friday and Saturday I had minimal pain. So I decided on Saturday to go for a short run – 1-2 Miles – to see how I felt. I tried a different lacing technique on my shoe to help alleviate pressure on top of my foot. I didn’t push for any speed and did my 3/1 intervals. I finished a mile and thought, “no pain… do I go another or not push it?” I decided to go the extra mile. I felt great!

I finished 2 Miles in 25 minutes which felt good and comfy. And guess what? I have had no pain since!!! :::knocks on wood::: I am still seeing my PT tomorrow for further reassurance and to come up with a plan going forward towards Glass City Marathon. Less than 2 weeks to go and I’ve got big goals to crush!!

So keep thinking good running juju thoughts for your RD on the Run… hopefully I can complete this marathon in less than 5:50 and without pain! :::fingers crossed:::

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